A Night of Questions

So it is 11:15pm Chicago time and another day closer to my departure date. I have been thinking about this blog. I am not sure what I am suppose to say or how I am suppose to say it. Is there blog etiquette? Are there things that are taboo that I should know about? I do not read blogs. I have never “followed” some one’s blog. Maybe I should start. But what if it turns out that we are all saying the same thing! LOL.

So I am going to Costa Rica! My second time leaving the country. I am not sure what to expect. My spanish is improving, though I am still speaking it rather slowly. It doesn’t fly of my tongue like English. But I think by the time I leave Costa Rica I will be close to fluent. I am looking forward to going there. The culture, the food, the classes. All of it. My bags are packed. Really they are. Little by little I include things that I will need. I don’t want to wait till the last minute, rush to do laundry and then put it all together. Thankfully Nordstrom as their Anniversary sell going on so I was able to get some great deals. This is not a plug for Nordstrom. (LOL) 

I am excited about what these next four months will bring. Oh, I have an idea for my next blog. I should probably introduce myself! LOL

Until then eat, drink, and make sure you carry an umbrella.


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