Costa Rica

So I have arrived. Can you believe it? I am in Costa Rica, where the sun beams down in the morning and in the afternoon the sky opens up to pour out its soul in the form of water. I am here in Costa Rica.

What did I learn in the first 24 hours of being here? Catcalls are not the same in Costa Rica as they are in the states. Here, a man isn’ t going to curse you out for not responding. Here, hugging is common practice. And when they say something is 5 minutes away in walking distance they mean it. Not like West Indians when they say something is “up de road” and they mean like 30 minutes to an hour away, driving! LOL. And here, people move slow. They enjoy a cup of coffee in the afternoon. They speak fast and move slow. Costa Rica. Pura Vida!

My mind is in overload trying to process what I have seen and heard today. I am looking forward to all of my time here. I will drink it all up like a cool glass of water

Until next time eat, drink, and make sure you carry an umbrella.


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