Time, laundry, and goodbye’s

So, time time has finally arrived. I less than 24 hours I will be in Costa Rica. I have decided to spend my last few hours before my flight at work. Believe me, I am still kicking myself on this decision. But being here helps keep my mind from running wild. And though my co workers might drive me crazy, they make me laugh and they appreciate having me around. Not everyone can say that. I feel blessed.

I am not sure if I over packed. Three months is a long time. some students said they are bringing on big suitcase and a carry on. Not me. I have two suitcases, a carry on and my laptop bag And still I am not sure if I have enough. This is suppose to be an adventure but I just can’t see myself wearing the same clothes, every week, clean or not! So I might be the only one with all that luggage but it makes me feel better.

This is going to be a short blog for now. Until the next one…


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