two weeks and then some

So I arrived in Costa Rica a little over two weeks ago. It is has been a thrill of a lifetime! The first week was full of getting to know folks and then over the weekend a few of us decided to be adventurous and go to Jaco, Costa Rica. Now, know one told me that Costa Rica is number one in the world for sex trafficking. Number 1! I have never seen, up close and personal, so much prostitution in my life! The bars served open bar and I began to see how they could get away with it besides serving cheap alcohol. Hostels were made for the young and adventurous. That being said, lets just say that staying at another hostel will not happen for me again in the near future! LOL. The beach was great though and we really did have a great time in Jaco. One of the highlights was smoking cigars on the beach ,watching the stars with a few of the students. It was a weekend of debauchery, seriously. But fun all the same.

The following week was filled with exams, projects, summaries, and rice and beans for breakfast!  When they told us that rice and beans are served with each meal I thought they were joking! But I have grown accustomed to it. That weekend was a weekend to remember. We visited Poas Volcana and Watergarden Falls. I have never seen a volcano before. I almost cried. It was amazing. The colors, the depth, the vastness, the power. Nature is truly a beautiful thing to behold. And then there was Watergarden Falls. To see so many animals, to hold a tucan and a butterfly, to see luxurious plants in their natural habitat, to feel the energy coming from the water falls, wow. I was able to take some time to myself while we were there. I had time to gather my thoughts, to get centered, to connect with the one. I came back rejuvenated. Some of the students wanted to go out later that night and drink but I decided against it because that wasn’t the way I wanted to honor that day. So I stayed home and chilled. And that was alright with me.

Life doesn’t have to be a party. Not a big one anyway. Sometimes all that is required is to keep breathing. Not second guessing. Not getting drunk every weekend because we are in a foreign place. But breathing. Taking in the beauty that Costa Rica has. Walking with the fertile land between your toes, grounding yourself through breathe, through meditation, through simply being. Simply breathing. 

This is not a time to party. This is not a time to go hard or go home. This time is for me. Simply, me.

Until next time, make sure to take your umbrella with you!



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